While it is not strictly necessary to have the property inspected before you choose to purchase a home in New York, you should always get an inspection anyway. An inspection by a trained professional can discover problems that even an in-person tour cannot, and allow you to deal with those problems before you are stuck with them. Here are five common problems that a home inspection may reveal:

  1. Water damage
    • A house can suffer water damage for any number of reasons: leaky or burst pipes are common causes, as is damage from a storm or flood. Water damage is subtle, unfortunately, and can become a serious problem before anyone realizes it. If it is not addressed, it can lead to mold, rot, and even damage to the foundation of the house, which can result in serious harm to its inhabitants.
  2. Structural damage
    • Even if a house looks beautiful on the outside, its structure and foundation could have significant damage that is not obvious on the surface. Damage from water, fire, smoke, termites, or other sources can damage the structure of a house and make it unsafe to inhabit. An inspection can reveal this hidden damage and let you address it before it becomes a major safety concern.
  3. Mold or mildew
    • Mold and mildew like to grow in dark, damp places, which you may not see in an open house to inspect a home you want to purchase. In addition to causing potential damage to the house itself, the spores from mold and mildew can potentially cause health problems, especially to people with compromised immune systems. An inspection can reveal the presence of mold and help you eliminate it, protecting yourself and your home from harm.
  4. Electrical problems
    • There are strict rules about how buildings are supposed to be wired, and for good reason. Homes with electrical problems may be at higher risk for shorts and power outages, and can increase the risk of electrocution and fires. A home inspection can make sure your new home’s electrical system is up to code, keeping you and your loved ones safe from the risk of electrocution and electrical fires.
  5. Infestations
    • Rats, mice, termites, carpenter ants, and bed bugs may not have much in common on their own, except for the fact that they love to make nests in and around people’s homes. When they do, they can cause grief to anyone living there, causing damage to the home itself and becoming a nuisance to anyone unfortunate enough to share a living space with them. An inspection can uncover these infestations and give you a chance to eliminate them before you move in and find yourself with a host of unwanted roommates.

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