The winter time can be a particularly difficult time when it comes to keeping safe, especially when it comes to things like slip and fall accidents. However, these risks can become much worse when a property owner fails to properly maintain the premises of their building, introducing hazards that otherwise might not be there. Here are five winter hazards caused by negligence that can result in slip and fall accidents:

  1. Wet or icy floors
    • It is dangerous enough walking around during the winter when it is snowing outside, but it can be almost as bad when people track in the snow, slush, and ice. This means that almost any building may wind up with wet or icy floors during the winter, and need to be regularly cleaned to prevent people from slipping. When property owners fail to keep their floors clean, they increase the risk of slip and fall accidents.
  2. Hidden wires or other tripping hazards
    • It is approaching the holiday season, which means people will be decorating with tinsel, lights, ornaments, and other similar things. Of course, this also means lots of wires, table legs, and other hazards along the floor that can trip up someone who does not see them. If these tripping hazards are present but hidden from view, it can make the likelihood of someone tripping and falling much more likely.
  3. Loose or damaged flooring
    • Winter can be hell on many types of flooring, including tiles, floorboards, and carpeting. A combination of wet, cold weather and constant foot traffic can result in flooring becoming loose or damaged, and thus no longer safe to walk across. In the worst case scenario, flooring can even collapse under someone, leading them to take a potentially serious fall.
  4. Lack of functional lighting
    • People often underestimate just how important it is for a location to be well-lit until winter approaches and it becomes darker much earlier. When that happens, any area without adequate lighting, or which has broken or burned out lights, can become especially hazardous. This is especially true in places like stairwells and parking lots, where slip and fall accidents are likely to happen.
  5. Unstable or damaged handrails
    • When people feel like they are about to slip and fall, a handrail can help them catch themselves and avoid being hurt. However, handrails are like anything else, and they can become damaged or loose over time, making them unstable. If that happens, they may not be able to support your weight when you lose your balance, making a fall more likely.

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