While motor vehicle accidents of all kinds can be dangerous, even if you are particularly careful on the road, truck accidents are among the most deadly. Sadly, many truck accidents are preventable, and might not have happened if not for certain risk factors that increased the chances of an accident. Here are five problems that can potentially lead to truck accidents:

  1. Speeding
    • There is no single driving behavior that is more commonly cited as a cause for auto accidents than speeding. This is because the faster a vehicle goes, the harder it is for it to stop or maneuver to avoid the accident, and the more force a vehicle will impact with when it crashes. Truck accidents are no different, and their massive size can make braking or maneuvering even more difficult at high speeds.
  2. Exhaustion
    • It is sad to say, but truck drivers often must contend with harsh delivery schedules that require them to drive far longer than is reasonable or safe. This means that many truck drivers are exhausted while on the road, which can negatively impact their reaction time and driving ability. Worse still, they may fall asleep behind the wheel, potentially causing them to lose control of their vehicle and crash.
  3. Bad maintenance
    • Vehicles should always be kept well-maintained to ensure they are operating as best as possible. However, maintenance can be expensive, and some truck drivers will put maintenance off as long as possible to save on costs. This may come back to haunt them, however, as poorly maintained trucks are much more likely to get into truck accidents.
  4. Distracted driving
    • Like any other driver, truck drivers can be prone to distractions from cell phones, food, and other activities they may be doing while driving. While this can be bad enough, drivers must also pay attention to their radio and implements, which can add further distraction. Combined with all the other issues they face, this can dramatically increase the risks of truck accidents.
  5. Driving under the influence
    • Under no circumstances should any truck driver ever be behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. And yet, DUIs are disturbingly common in the trucking industry, and are a frequent factor in many truck accidents. That is why you should stay clear of any truck driver who appears to be driving erratically, if only for your own safety.

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